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Sekwa specializes in publishing Swedish translations of contemporary fiction written in French. The name [sekwa] comes from the phonetic transcription of C’est quoi? (What is it?) in French.

The company was started by Johanna Daehli and Helén Enqvist in 2005 and the first book, Insekt by Claire Castillon, was published two years later. Today, Johanna Deahli is running Sekwa and over 70 books have been published in first edition. We have authors such as Muriel Barbery, Delphine de Vigan, Justine Lévy, David Foenkinos, Kim Thúy, Fred Vargas, Grégoire Delacourt, Tatiana de Rosnay, and many more on our list.

In 2014, Sekwa launched an imprint called ETTA publishes Swedish translations of fiction written in English. More information about ETTA can be found on


Sekwa förlag AB
Pryssgränd 3A
SE-118 20 Stockholm

Johanna Daehli, Owner and Publisher
+46 73 536 39 48

Anna Toftgård, Editor
+46 70 226 32 22

Olivia Borg, Marketing and sales
+46 73 904 75 64